In the rapidly changing economic ecosystem, society is entering a new career paradigm: employability is driven by short term flexible contracts, while life long learning is a prerequisite for long term sustainable professional deployment. In short, every individual who must generate income until retirement is urged to maintain his/her level of knowledge and skills up to date, regardless of age, to offer competitive and/or unique capabilities to be engaged by employers or businesses or projects. Measuring your actual level of knowledge and skills need to be possible in strict personal privacy. While strictly private, the benchmarking of the personal proficiency levels must provide a secure way to assess the global reference norm cultivated in a central repository of anonymous data and knowledge.

Illuminoo provides an unprecedented mechanism of self assessment to help individual professionals, workers, students, trainees, and job seekers. With NOOMI® you will be able to capture and consolidate your daily working routines, providing you with personal insights on how to improve both your efficiency and energy levels.

NOOMI at Work

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