And the winner is…

During the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Illuminoo organized a contest where visitors could win their own personal NOOMI® app. We were very happy to receive many inspiring ideas on how our personal AI could help people to reach their full potential. Now we proudly present to you our prizewinner: Hanna Stenwall.


Hanna is a senior creative at Edelman Deportivo. Her idea for a new NOOMI® app is called ‘MeMe’, a personal AI that helps people to better understand their own intuition in various contexts. This idea relates very much to the ambition of Illuminoo and it’s core technology, called NOOMI®, which is to provide tangible insights into the mysteries of the human mind. So it’s no surprise that we liked her idea very much. Hanna herself tells you how she came up with her idea.

“The thought of having my own intuition mirrored right in my pocket has always been kind of a utopian dream for me. As an emotionally driven human being in a fast-paced world filled with loud thoughts and opinions of others, it’s easy to get lost. For me, it’s important to be in contact with my core values, in order to feel like myself. If an app can help me with this – I would never have to second doubt myself ever again. How nice!”  –  Hanna Stenwall

Illuminoo will now start developing MeMe in co-design with Hanna, and hopes to launch the app before the end of 2018 on Google Play. In the meantime, we will keep you posted about the progress on our blog, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


Are you inspired by Hanna’s idea? Can we help you reach your full potential? Our NOOMI® technology is able to learn from real-time observations and interactions and reflect upon your actions, two key ingredients of personal development and coaching. Contact us at We are glad to hear your ideas!