Trading Energy Support System (TESS)

ENECO_LOGO-CMYKEnergy trading is a volatile business. Especially at Eneco, a large energy company in the Netherlands, where they invest a lot in new forms of energy, like wind and solar. The use of alternative energy sources, requires Eneco to look at long-term as well as the short-term effects in supply and demand on the energy market, in order to achieve the best offer for their customers. This puts a high demand on the skills and expertise of Eneco’s traders, as they need to oversee huge amounts of complex data on energy storage, weather conditions, pricing and geopolitical factors.

Traditionally, big data analysis would be the best solution to provide traders with useful insights in the data. But this will only capture the overall statistics and not the how and why of their personal trading strategies. Especially these individual characteristics are interesting to Eneco, and are believed to make the difference when it comes to good trading.

The last couple of months, Illuminoo has been working with Eneco to build a new intelligent agent, called TESS. As Trading Energy Support System, TESS combines big data, machine learning and explainable AI to capture the individual trading strategies of each trader. When it is deployed it will work closely together with the trader to analyse the data in real-time, and interact with the trader in a user-friendly way to capture the trader’s decisions and trading strategies.

And, what TESS makes unique is that it allows the trader to share personal strategies with other traders, such that they can learn from it and integrate the strategies in their own personal instance of TESS. This effectively creates an expert community where TESS agents and individual traders can learn from each other and hopefully boost the overall performance of Eneco’s trading department.

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