Reflective Intelligence for Personal Development

Illuminoo, a private limited company, has been founded by leading experts in deep learning, neural-symbolic reasoning, and behavioral psychology. Their aim is simple: making real-time data analytics personal again by using a unique combination of deep learning, neural-symbolic computing and knowledge transfer.

Their technology is based on years of research in neural-symbolic learning and reasoning which has been applied successfully in different UK, EU and DARPA-US projects, ranging from training and simulating driver skills to the recognition and description of complex human behavior in videos (a long list of related scientific publications can be found here).

The unique aspect of Illuminoo’s technology is that it combines state-of-the-art deep neural-network learning (also used by many leading big data companies) with symbolic knowledge representation and knowledge extraction to explain and exchange insights about the reasoning taking place inside the complex network models. Such models are trained efficiently by observing human behavior, but can also be explained now for the first time.

This effectively allows humans to learn about their own behavior in different contexts such as in sport, work, health and education, and exchange experiences to learn collaboratively from each other and from their own mistakes.

Illuminoo is integrating this technology into custom built intelligent agents that are capable of learning from observing and interacting with each user in a context, and run locally on the user’s device. This makes Illuminoo agents personal and private by design, but highly optimized to run on any personal device. Illuminoo has done so and is constantly improving its performance (see our website for the current stats).

If you would like to know more about the Illuminoo technology, and find out what it can do for you, please leave a reply or contact us at