Magic in Healthcare

Recently, Illuminoo installed a first version of the Magic Mirror (called “Toverspiegel” in Dutch) at Sherpa, a Dutch health institute for mentally and physically disabled people. The mirror has been received with much enthusiasm, and presented at the opening of a new facility, called “De IJssel”, where the mirror is now located. There it is being used everyday by clients and staff of Sherpa, and initial experiences vary from interesting to hilarious!


The mirror, that was first presented at HLAI 2016 in New York, is mainly build as a fun and interactive user experience, and is based on previous work on multi-modal deep learning and information retrieval. It acts as a digital mirror that captures and reflects ‘mental’ images or memories of human behavior. The result is a ‘magic’ mirror that can recognize and interact with the person in front of the mirror, providing visual, musical, and other types of feedback in relation to the recognized patterns.

sherpaTogether with Sherpa, Illuminoo will continue to improve and add more functionality to the Magic Mirror, as it is believed that the device can be a great addition to daily activities and used to induce more self-awareness and other positive therapeutic side-effects, as typically seen in other activities involving mirrors.

If you are interested to know more about this project or visit the facility to try out the mirror yourself, please contact us at