Learning Analytics at Bett

Bett is an annual event in London, where visitors can experiment with the latest technology for education, hear from inspirational experts in the EdTech industry and meet peers from around the world. At Bett they believe in creating a better future by transforming education. Their mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfill their potential (see bettshow.com).

This year, Illuminoo was invited by the Dutch Embassy in London, together with other startups in the Dutch EdTech ecosystem, to showcase new technologies that can be used in both traditional and creative teaching methods (see complete list of startups in the Dutch School booklet).

There at the Dutch School stand, we presented our Reflective Intelligent technology, and explained how it can benefit education at work and schools, by boosting Learning Analytics and Adaptive Learning with state-of-the-art in AI.

In return, we also had the chance to catch up with the advances in EdTech, meeting a lot of interesting people and companies. They all have the ambition to transform education through innovative technology. Putting forward the boundaries on learning analytics (e.g. LeerUniek, Century Tech), creating new ways of learning (e.g. CodeCombat, Traintool), and making high-tech electronics, drones and robotics simple, educational and fun for kids (e.g. Microsoft, Lego, Parrot and Google).

In short, it was both exhilarating and inspiring to be part of this. We certainly hope to make some advances ourselves in the near future, enabling a new and more personalized way of learning. Personal agents that do not only take into account your test results, but also understand you and your own way of learning, helping you the best way possible to achieve your learning goals.

If you like to know more about our technology and how it could help you achieve your ambitions, please contact us at info@illuminoo.com.