Illuminoo Enlights

Arguably the first company to leverage the technology of neural-symbolic computing for the purpose of personal development, Illuminoo is associated with two events about neural-symbolic computing in the summer of 2017: Illuminoo Enlights in the Netherlands, which we organize ourselves, and the Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning workshop in London, England, where we take part in an industry panel discussion together with IBM and Google Brain.

Illuminoo Enlights

The first edition of Illuminoo Enlights, held in the summer of 2016, marked the birth of Illuminoo and first baby steps of our reflective AI technology, called NOOMIⓇ. Illuminoo Enlights 2017 will bring together researchers and entrepreneurs in an informal and sunny atmosphere to talk about the latest achievements of NOOMI, the advances in neural-symbolic computing for personal development and the effect of personal AI on businesses and consumers worldwide in health, work, sports and education.

The event will take place on June 24 at Bloomingdale Beach in the Netherlands, and will feature inspiring talks from world-leading experts on personal AI and human-machine interaction, as well as testimonials from users of some of the Illuminoo agents. The event will conclude with drinks, food and music, and the opportunity for participants and speakers to meet and inspire each other, while enjoying a beautiful sunset on the beach.

For more information regarding the program and to register, see Illuminoo Enlights 2017.

Neural Symbolic Learning & Reasoning

A few weeks after Illuminoo Enlights, those interested in a more in-depth study of neural-symbolic AI may wish to attend the 12th edition of the NeSy workshop on neural-symbolic learning and reasoning (NeSy17) in London.

NeSy complements the highly successful NIPS workshop series on Cognitive Computation (CoCo). While CoCo attracts also participants from the related areas of cognitive science and neuroscience, NeSy focuses more on neural computation, knowledge representation and machine learning, as well as, more specifically, on the representation of symbolic knowledge by neural networks and the extraction of knowledge from trained networks.

In addition to the traditional keynote speeches, invited and contributed talks, demos and tutorials, for the first time in 12 years, NeSy will count with an industry track which will bring together researchers and practitioners who have in common the fact that they rely both on data-intensive and rule-based systems in their business. This is expected to include representatives from the following industries, among others: finance, gaming, data science and the IT industry, energy and defence.

Illuminoo will contribute to NeSy as one of the representatives as part of a panel discussion on knowledge extraction from neural networks in industry.

For more information regarding NeSy and register, see