Official Sponsor of HLAI 2016

Illuminoo is official sponsor of the Human-Level Artificial Intelligence conference, held at the New School in New York City on July 16-19, 2016. HLAI is a joint effort between the major conferences and academic events explicitly targeting work towards the computational (re-)creation of human-level intelligence, i.e., human-level (or strong) Artificial Intelligence.

As such, it combines the 2016 editions of:

  • AGI, the Conference Series on Artificial General Intelligence.
  • BICA, the Annual International Conferences on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures.
  • NeSy, the Workshop Series on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning.
  • AIC, the Workshop Series on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition.

In addition, Illuminoo will also present a short paper during the NeSy workshop and provide a demo of a so-called Magic Mirror. The device acts as a digital mirror, and uses multi-modal deep learning to capture and reflect ‘mental’ images or memories of human behavior. The result is a ‘magic’ mirror that can recognize and interact with the person in front of the mirror, providing visual, auditive, and other types of feedback in relation to the recognized patterns.

A practical application of the Magic Mirror is currently being developed for a Dutch health institute for mentally and physically disabled people. Although it is mainly build as a fun user experience, the device may also induce more self-awareness and other positive therapeutic side-effects, which is typically seen in other treatments involving real mirrors.

The Magic Mirror is based on previous work on multi-modal fusion and
information retrieval using neural-symbolic cognitive agents (read more).

Interested to know more about this project? Please leave a reply or join us in New York at HLAI 2016!