Illuminoo develops responsive and cooperative assistance in health care. For example, for people with cognitive disorders to assist in training their state of memory, and to assist with daily activity to maintain or to gain improved autonomy in their lives. NOOMI® provides the basis for personal buddies that collect and consolidate sensor data from artifacts and smart devices in the living space of the person. Resulting in context aware clues for embedded training and/or guidance while performing daily tasks.

For the cure sector NOOMI® may contribute to improve performance of professionals and medical staff teams. Where applications will directly induce better conditions for patient safety. Through personalized education and training medical staff of a.o. E.R., I.C. and O.K., NOOMI® is able to create insight in compliance through direct feedback from multi-modal sensor data compared to associated universal reference procedures and protocols as stipulated in the current international medical standards.

NOOMI in Healthcare

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