Illuminoo Enlights 2017

June 24, 2017 13:00 - 21:00 Bloomingdale Beach, The Netherlands

The first edition of Illuminoo Enlights, held in the summer of 2016, marked the birth of Illuminoo and first baby steps of our reflective AI technology, called NOOMIⓇ. Illuminoo Enlights 2017 will bring together researchers and entrepreneurs in an informal and sunny atmosphere to talk about the latest achievements of NOOMI, the advances in neural-symbolic computing for personal development and the effect of personal AI on businesses and consumers worldwide in health, work, sports and education.

The event will take place on June 24 at Bloomingdale Beach in the Netherlands, and will feature inspiring talks from world-leading experts on explainable AI and human-machine interaction, as well as testimonials from some of our end-users. The event includes drinks, food and a DJ, and the opportunity for participants and speakers to meet and inspire each other, while enjoying a beautiful sunset on the beach.

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As any young organism we flourish with love and affection, and grow from sharing our experiences with you. And we still have some last-minute tickets available (€55 incl. VAT). So join us and get your tickets here (or pay at the door), we are looking forward to see you at Illuminoo Enlights 2017!

And to spread the love and affection we get from you, we will donate 5 euro for every sold ticket to the international Red Cross and Giro 555 to help the victims of war and hunger in Africa.


We have an exiting program with inspiring talks from world-leading experts and early adopters in science and industry. The following organizations will be contributing to our seminar on reflective AI, playful human-machine interaction and our personal agents in the field. Details about the sessions, talks and speakers are described hereafter.






13:00 Welcome

We will kick-off at 13:00 in the afternoon with a refreshing drink and a warm welcome from our CEO, Leo de Penning. After that we will continue with three very inspiring sessions on reflective and personal AI, playful human machine interaction and user testimonials on some of our technology in the field.

14:00 Session I. Reflective Intelligence for Personal AI

Hosted by Artur d’Avila Garcez, scientific advisor at Illuminoo

Donald Michie used to refer to the existence of AI and Machine Learning (ML) systems of three types: systems that have been programmed to perform a difficult task but cannot improve over time, systems that can improve over time, and systems that, in addition, can help humans improve over time. Despite all the recent success of ML, notably the impressive win of the Google DeepMind AlphaGo neural network over professional Go player Lee Sedol, the vast majority of such ML systems are of type 2; so far AlphaGo didn’t help us learn how to play Go better. To learn from AI, and to understand it better, humans need to be able to interact with a personal AI beyond the black box, to ask questions and obtain logically well-structured answers, and to describe and re-use such reflective intelligence in related applications. This should make AI also less scary and more accessible to human beings.

NOOMI is a type 3 AI. Through deep learning, knowledge extraction and sharing algorithms typically used by neural-symbolic systems, NOOMI helps you to reflect on your own behavior, and improve the performance of both system and user in real-time. It is the effective combination of explainable AI and human-machine interaction that is at the core of Illuminoo.

Life-long learning using multi-modal deep neural networks

Mohammed Shameer Iqbal is program development manager at Singolar, a company that specializes in the next generation of intelligent business software capable of learning from data automatically and getting smarter. He will talk about his work and scientific research on multi-modal learning in deep neural networks and transfer learning.

Ultra-Strong Machine Learning: Comprehensibility of Programs Learned with ILP

Tarek R. Besold is a research fellow at the University of Bremen. He will talk about a new definition of comprehensibility of hypotheses which can be estimated using human participant trials. During the 1980s Michie defined Machine Learning in terms of two orthogonal axes of performance: predictive accuracy and comprehensibility of generated hypotheses. Later definitions tended to use a one-dimensional approach to Machine Learning based solely on predictive accuracy, ultimately favoring statistical over symbolic approaches.

The Science of Illuminoo

Artur d’Avila Garcez is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Research Center for Machine Learning at City, University of London.  He will talk about the scientific research in neural-symbolic computing, exemplify the neural-symbolic methodology and highlight some recent key developments which have enabled its application in practice. Time permitting he will also indicate the main challenges that remain towards human-like AI.

15:00 Session II. The Game of Artificial Life.

Hosted by Jeroen Arendsen, design lead at Illuminoo

Many applications in AI are built to learn from playing games. Men and women also love to play games. They use play to get to know and learn from each other. What happens when NOOMI agents meet Homo Ludens? Will Man and Machine also play together? Can they both enjoy it and benefit from it? The talks in this session will focus on how you give AI a personal face that users can interact with; that they can understand, argue and play with, on how you engineer good ‘game rules’ and on how applications can benefit from good game design and applying the metaphor of life. In these talks you might just get a glimpse of the future of personal AI and witness the conception of a new generation of digital playmates.

We are falseworks, Nurturing wearables as cognitive agents.

Lars Immerthal is an expert on transformation and organizational design and a research fellow at the University of Witten-Herdecke. He will talk about how nurturing and support plays an important role in the personal development of both of human beings and cognitive agents.

The Game of Life

Agali Mert is a rehabilitation physician at CIRAN and author of “Dit Spel Verandert je Leven” (in English: “This Game will Change your Life”). He will talk about introducing AI in human interaction and decision making. According to Agali, this means that from a game design’s perspective a new player is introduced. How this player is perceived or accepted by people, is dependent not only on the psychology of these persons, the environment where the interaction takes place, but also on the role the AI, this new player, is given. Successfully introducing Artificial Intelligence is a matter of Intelligent Design.


Jeroen Arendsen is lead UX design at Illuminoo, founder of Robots that Care, and part time social care worker at Sherpa. He will talk about designing playful human-machine interaction and user experiences in personal AI, and the basic design principles that Illuminoo applies in its personal agents; i.e. stay modest and minimal in the interaction, leave room for imagination and to imbue a sense of lightness and humor in the design. In addition, he will also explain how designing with ambiguity can give rise to poetic user experiences which stimulate people’s minds and their feelings.

16:00 Session III. Our Agents in the Field

Hosted by Leo de Penning, CEO of Illuminoo

Some of the NOOMI agents are already populating the world. They are evolving and adapting to our everyday life as we speak. They are becoming aware of our personal needs and behavior, and try to help us with useful insights that can help us understand the world around us, make better decisions, learn from each other, and improve our impact.

During this session, some of our early adopters will explain how NOOMI agents are currently transforming their work, organizations and everyday life. They will provide testimonials on how NOOMI agents evolve together with their users and get to the next level in sports, work, health and education.

Magic in Healthcare

Sylvia Loos is care adviser for people with severe multiple restrictions at Sherpa. Sylvia Bosma is a caregiver for those people. They will talk about a fun and interactive magic mirror that Illuminoo has developed for people with mental disabilities and the first user experiences with it at Sherpa.

Following the rules has never been so rewarding

Martijn Brouns is co-founder and commercial director of UScoutFor. He will talk about how sports and gaming are simulations of live. Where our children play to learn, and how AI is currently following the same footsteps.

A personal energy trading support system called TESS

Charel Hakkert is head of Eneco Trading. He will talk about a trading energy support system, called TESS that Illuminoo has developed for Eneco to support individual traders in making better decisions on buying and selling energy.

17:00 Drinks, Food and Music

We will appropriately conclude an inspiring afternoon full of reflective intelligence and personal enlightenment with refreshing drinks, tasty food and relaxing music. This will also give you the opportunity to meet the speakers and other guests, and of course enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach.

The event will finish at 21 o’clock, and we hope, at that time, you will return home with lots of inspiration, new ideas, interesting contacts and a sunny reflection towards personal AI.



The event will be held at Bloomingdale Beach, Zeeweg 94, 2051 Overveen in the Netherlands.

The venue is easily reachable by car and public transport (parking lot and bus stop are nearby), and not far from Schiphol Airport (30 minutes by taxi and one hour by public transport). For directions click here.

In addition, there are a number of hotels and other accommodations in the neighborhood. If you need help finding a good location, please send an email to