Today it is paramount that employees need to prepare for long term employability. This calls for a life long learning attitude. It is this paradigm that drives the creation of NOOMI® enabled learning solutions for anybody who wants to improve, acquire and develop skills while exercising his task, job or even a hobby.

We know the traditional market of training and education. However, Illuminoo is not engaging these markets as they focus on – old school – transfer of default knowledge by any means of passing on the information linear – one way direction – to the “student”. In turn the apprentice must capture, digest and apply the information in simulated or real supervised cases to develop the required skills.

Illuminoo provides a paradigms shift to the training and education market. With NOOMI® technology, learning becomes an amazing experience which matches the intrinsic process of learning and skill development intrinsic to the human cognitive models. Everybody will be able to create value through continuous improvement of their skills.

Our Intelligent Agents in Education

Unfortunately we have not yet deployed our reflective intelligence in education. But if you feel you have the right use-case, please contact us at, and we’ll make it happen!