Sponsoring CoCo at NIPS 2016

As an AI company, founded by leading experts in neural-symbolic learning and reasoning, Illuminoo is a strong supporter of AI research in general, and especially on the integration of deep learning and symbolic reasoning. We believe that building great AI technology and products also requires collaboration and scientific contributions in AI research. Therefore, Illuminoo is sponsoring the Cognitive Computation (CoCo) workshop at NIPS in Barcelona, together with Google DeepMind and Facebook.

facebook_ai_logo3The CoCo workshop brings together established leaders and promising young scientists in the fields of neural computation, logic and AI, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, machine learning, cognitive science and computational neuroscience. It targets a theme of general interest to the majority of the NIPS community, namely translations between connectionist models, symbolic knowledge representation and reasoning. The aim of this work is to achieve an effective integration of neural learning and cognitive reasoning, called neural-symbolic computing.

As the NIPS conference featured great talks on Deep Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks, the CoCo workshop tried to combine and enhance the advances in thesefields with symbolic expressiveness and explainable AI. This resulted in interesting talks and inspiring panel discussions with leading experts in Machine Learning, Symbolic AI, Neurobiology and Cognitive Computation.

If you are interested to know more about this community, its research and how it is applied in our AI technology and products, please contact us at info@illuminoo.com.