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We create reflective AI for personal development

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Our reflective intelligence is constantly evolving and highly optimized to run on almost any device.

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WebSummit 2017

BOOTH B-209 Yes, we will be attending the WebSummit again from 6-9 November in Lisbon! And this year, we will be attending as BETA startup and showcase our latest achievements …

Illuminoo Enlights 2017

Arguably the first company to leverage the technology of neural-symbolic computing for the purpose of personal development, Illuminoo hosted an enjoyable afternoon and evening on June 24 at Bloomingdale Beach …

Learning Analytics at Bett

Bett is an annual event in London, where visitors can experiment with the latest technology for education, hear from inspirational experts in the EdTech industry and meet peers from around …

Enlightenment & Reflection through the Minds of Many

About Us

Illuminoo is a high-tech software company that develops intelligent agent technology for personal growth.

iconIlluminoo is a high-tech software company, founded by leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Neural-Symbolic Computing, Human-Machine Interaction and Behavioral Psychology.

We have created a new form of self-learning AI, which allows users to gain insights about their own personal behavior, using real-time and multi-sensory behavior modelling, interaction and knowledge sharing.

This unique technology, called NOOMI®, is able to learn from real-time observation and interaction with the user and reflect upon the user’s actions, two key ingredients of personal development and coaching.

NOOMI® technology also allows users to share their insights with the personal agents of other users in private and public communities. This leverages the knowledge gained by individuals, allowing users also to learn from each other through their personal agents.

Illuminoo’s mission is to apply NOOMI® technology to reflective intelligent agents that specifically built for personal development in various contexts, and invests in long term relationships with organizations, professionals and their customers to help them reach their full potential.


We help organizations and professionals reach their full potential