As a human you are constantly evolving. Even in your sleep your day experiences are processed to further develop your brain and body. Learning is also about challenging yourself to master something you are not able to do (at your full potential) yet. The most pure and powerful way of learning is by reflection. That is the way you learn from the moment you are born and also the rest of your life. By developing your singularity it is also a fact that you don’t literally copy someone else. You put your own spin to it to be able to integrate it in a way that suits the person you are.

This implies that there is no single way of learning. And that maximum learning efficiency can only be gained when you constantly have a personal coach beside you who helps you to discover how you master a specific skill, feeding you with new insights to fill in the blind spots you irrevocably will encounter during the learning process. NOOMI® supports you in your ongoing evolution on many different aspects of your daily life and your personal goals.